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We provide free servers for everybody to enjoy.
We are a european CS:GO server community based in France.
We have an active admin team to monitor our servers.


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Server Map Players IP Join
AWP_LEGO_ONLY n°1 awp_lego_2 12/26
cs.tensor.fr:27015 Join
AWP_LEGO_ONLY n°2 awp_lego_2 3/26
cs.tensor.fr:27065 Join
SURF_KITSUNE_ONLY surf_kitsune 3/32
cs.tensor.fr:27020 Join
SURF_MESA_ONLY surf_mesa 3/32
cs.tensor.fr:27025 Join
SURF_FORBIDDEN_ONLY surf_forbidden_ways_ksf 4/32
cs.tensor.fr:27030 Join
SURF_UTOPIA_ONLY surf_utopia_v3 12/32
cs.tensor.fr:27035 Join
SURF_ROOKIE_ONLY surf_rookie 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27040 Join
SURF_BEGINNER_ONLY surf_beginner 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27045 Join
SURF_NYX_ONLY surf_nyx 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27050 Join
SURF Multi maps surf_hotwheels 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27055 Join
RETAKES n°1 de_vertigo 4/11
cs.tensor.fr:27060 Join
RETAKES n°2 de_nuke 7/11
cs.tensor.fr:27070 Join

Latest bans

Name SteamID Duration
pouloulou363 STEAM_1:0:560018989 Permanent
DarkLord39 hellcase.com STEAM_1:0:455309490 Permanent
JanechsoN STEAM_1:0:559727749 Permanent
ᕙNVR mindᕗ STEAM_1:0:145876429 2 days
heartbrokennigga STEAM_1:1:560100210 Permanent
cr1pt STEAM_1:1:519845547 7 days
s1mple STEAM_1:0:559338394 Permanent
The Black Ghost STEAM_1:0:510254301 Permanent
VOLWEED250 STEAM_1:1:117007571 Permanent
gaseur STEAM_1:0:527432999 3 days
I'm here STEAM_1:0:552443777 Permanent
Qwarky. STEAM_1:1:559624100 Permanent
Aug. 5, 2020

The VIP update

Hello, I'm proud to announce that I've finally managed to implement a correct VIP system on the website! It is fully automated so people who donate money will get their VIP perks in less than a minute after the donation.

For now, the perks are:

  • [VIP] tag.
  • Reserved slot.
  • Access to the !gloves command.

Regarding the donations amount required, I wanted to keep them low because I think any contribution should be rewarded. Other servers take as far as 5 times as much as the donations levels I offer. The donations levels are:

  • 1 Week VIP: 1€
  • 1 Month VIP: 2€
  • 3 Months VIP: 5€
  • 12 Months VIP: 15€
  • Permanent VIP: 20€

Please keep in mind the features will only take effect on the 6th of august at around 6am. I have tested the system extensively but bugs may have slipped, so please do notify me if there is any problem and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

If you have ideas for other VIP features I could add, please leave them in #💡-suggestions . For more details, go to https://data.tensor.fr/donations/