Welcome to Tensor

We are a european CS:GO server community based in France.
We provide free servers for everybody to enjoy.
We have an active admin team to monitor our servers.


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Server Map Players IP Join
AWP_LEGO_ONLY n°1 awp_lego_2 8/26
cs.tensor.fr:27015 Join
AWP_LEGO_ONLY n°2 de_train 7/26
cs.tensor.fr:27065 Join
SURF_KITSUNE_ONLY surf_kitsune 4/32
cs.tensor.fr:27020 Join
SURF_MESA_ONLY surf_mesa 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27025 Join
SURF_FORBIDDEN_ONLY surf_forbidden_ways_ksf 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27030 Join
SURF_UTOPIA_ONLY surf_utopia_v3 4/32
cs.tensor.fr:27035 Join
SURF_ROOKIE_ONLY surf_rookie 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27040 Join
SURF_BEGINNER_ONLY surf_beginner 4/32
cs.tensor.fr:27045 Join
SURF_NYX_ONLY surf_nyx 3/32
cs.tensor.fr:27050 Join
SURF Multi maps surf_guitar_hi 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27055 Join
RETAKES n°1 de_mirage 4/11
cs.tensor.fr:27060 Join
RETAKES n°2 de_nuke 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27070 Join

Latest bans

Name SteamID Duration
Pikachu in class. STEAM_1:1:181341478 Permanent
GRRRRRRR LA Mére A SOUKI STEAM_1:1:503821357 Permanent
metem62029 STEAM_1:0:559333618 Permanent
uwj_pcsxpq3 STEAM_1:0:548907643 Permanent
SkiiZz STEAM_1:1:559437793 Permanent
Uchiha no Madara |.hellcase.com STEAM_1:0:558804370 Permanent
nakav26763 STEAM_1:1:559441488 Permanent
Super gEnErALe STEAM_1:0:556778619 Permanent
STEAM_1:1:501139308 7 days
i fuck E goat STEAM_1:0:554181385 Permanent
Я читер STEAM_1:1:548683874 Permanent
D҉E҉S҉T҉R҉O҉Y҉E҉R҉✠ SA7A AIDKOM STEAM_1:0:478005656 Permanent
July 20, 2020

I'm back


  • Thanks to [LFDM] Redshark's very generous donations, I was able to make my first purchase for the server! As the above picture shows, those are 10 ddr3 ecc ram modules for the server! This will be improving the stability of the server a lot, and allowing me to run new servers :). If you want to contribute, please go to www.tensor.fr


  • I've been working on a new version of the website for the past week now, and I feel like I can finally make it live. It will be available in the afternoon. Please make sure to visit the website and tell me if you find any bugs or if you have suggestions to make. This is still a work in progress.


  • Added map votes at the end of the game. Please let me know if that still doesn't work.
  • Will be adding admins to the sourcebans website for more flexibility.
  • Will add another retakes server, as the second server was well received.


  • Server will now restart every 6 hours in a effort to reduce lag. Let me know if that doesn't help.
  • I've heard about all the complains regarding the anti-camp issue. I will code a quick debug mode today to allow me to pinpoint the issue. Please make sure to tell me exactly when you get slapped for no reasons to help me fix the issue.


  • I will be developing a new deagle only server. If you have suggestions for other servers, please make sure to leave them in the #💡-suggestions channel.
  • Here is the link of my todos https://docs.google.com/document/d/13r5w-2fheLkbRWioU1mH4jmm3vzzKh7QP0p4ZKHbKrI/edit?usp=sharing