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We provide free servers for everybody to enjoy.
We are a european CS:GO server community based in France.
We have an active admin team to monitor our servers.


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Server Map Players IP Join
AWP_LEGO_ONLY n°1 awp_lego_2 0/26
cs.tensor.fr:27015 Join
AWP Fun DeathMatch mg_super_tower_revamp_fgt2 0/26
cs.tensor.fr:27065 Join
SURF_KITSUNE_ONLY surf_kitsune 3/32
cs.tensor.fr:27020 Join
SURF_MESA_ONLY surf_mesa 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27025 Join
SURF_FORBIDDEN_ONLY surf_forbidden_ways_ksf 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27030 Join
SURF_UTOPIA_ONLY surf_utopia_v3 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27035 Join
SURF_ROOKIE_ONLY surf_rookie 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27040 Join
SURF_BEGINNER_ONLY surf_beginner 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27045 Join
SURF_NYX_ONLY surf_nyx 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27050 Join
SURF Multi maps surf_utopia_v3 2/32
cs.tensor.fr:27055 Join
RETAKES n°1 de_cache 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27060 Join
RETAKES n°2 de_mirage 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27070 Join
RETAKES n°3 de_inferno 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27075 Join
RETAKES n°4 de_nuke 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27080 Join
RETAKES n°5 de_dust2 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27085 Join
AWP Casual MultiMaps awp_india 0/26
cs.tensor.fr:27090 Join
Deagle MultipMaps Casual aim_deagle7k 0/26
cs.tensor.fr:27095 Join

Latest bans

Name SteamID Duration
poepiejoepie17 STEAM_1:1:572813322 Permanent
hugihreins STEAM_1:0:528796660 00h:30m
ikwilkaas08 STEAM_1:1:576055929 Permanent
SlaPzy STEAM_1:0:505330495 00h:30m
OldLonEsport-LayzMan STEAM_1:0:188848468 1 days
ダディーニョ STEAM_1:1:212384308 Permanent
Leandro STEAM_1:0:569277258 Permanent
waL. STEAM_1:0:10014221 00h:30m
PARODAX STEAM_1:1:109868581 00h:30m
Malek en sueur STEAM_1:0:575861557 Permanent
Narita STEAM_1:0:148762720 Permanent
Local Hero STEAM_1:0:79481356 Permanent
s1mple STEAM_1:1:575891913 Permanent
ֆհαδoᵂ☄ᴷίʆʆer STEAM_1:0:568997423 Permanent
im gay STEAM_1:0:575650074 Permanent
Slavic Obama STEAM_1:1:568391338 Permanent
CaptainCrunch STEAM_1:1:572414954 Permanent
Nov. 30, 2020

VIP feature update

AWP Server:

  • Added !agents for VIP only. This allows a VIP to change their player models, kind of like !gloves.

Retakes Server:

  • Added a VIP queue system. VIP who join a full server will now have priority over other players when they are in the retakes queue. (will take effect tomorrow)

Deagle Server:

  • Added flags.
  • Replaced almost all the maps with better ones.
  • Fixed the ranking system, all ranks were reset however.
  • Forced deagle on all maps.

Surf Server:

  • Added flags. Removed country tags.
  • Improved performances on a few maps.


  • Made some changes to improve the admin's quality of life.
  • Moderator applications are now processed faster.
  • You can now sort by "Playtime" on AWP and Retakes stats.