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We provide free servers for everybody to enjoy.
We are a european CS:GO server community based in France.
We have an active admin team to monitor our servers.


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Server Map Players IP Join
AWP_LEGO_ONLY n°1 awp_lego_2 2/26
cs.tensor.fr:27015 Join
SURF_KITSUNE_ONLY surf_kitsune 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27125 Join
SURF_MESA_ONLY surf_mesa 2/32
cs.tensor.fr:27135 Join
SURF_FORBIDDEN_ONLY surf_forbidden_ways_ksf 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27120 Join
SURF_UTOPIA_ONLY surf_utopia_v3 2/32
cs.tensor.fr:27145 Join
SURF_ROOKIE_ONLY surf_rookie 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27140 Join
SURF_BEGINNER_ONLY surf_beginner 3/32
cs.tensor.fr:27115 Join
SURF_NYX_ONLY surf_nyx 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27130 Join
SURF Multi maps surf_derpis_ksf 3/32
cs.tensor.fr:27150 Join
RETAKES n°1 N/A 0/1
N/A Join
RETAKES n°2 de_dust2 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27070 Join
RETAKES n°3 de_inferno 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27075 Join
RETAKES n°4 de_mirage 0/11
cs.tensor.fr:27080 Join
RETAKES n°5 de_cache 2/11
cs.tensor.fr:27085 Join
AWP Casual MultiMaps MG_SUPER_TOWER_ANE 0/26
cs.tensor.fr:27090 Join
Deagle MultipMaps Casual aim_deagle7k 0/26
cs.tensor.fr:27095 Join
BHOP MultiMaps bhop_bobop 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27105 Join
KZ - Multimaps kz_concept 0/32
cs.tensor.fr:27110 Join

Latest bans

Name SteamID Duration
mohamedzahidi STEAM_1:0:442466089 01h:00m
rasta mouse the g STEAM_1:0:583542569 01h:00m
s1 STEAM_1:0:454788602 01h:00m
m6-el-franco-tirador ;) STEAM_1:1:229114183 01h:00m
WesternKomrad STEAM_1:0:555453844 01h:00m
M1st STEAM_1:0:506053135 01h:00m
я не русский STEAM_1:1:33873681 01h:00m
(1)123 STEAM_1:0:196965860 01h:00m
ibzi STEAM_1:0:501264253 01h:00m
RDG STEAM_1:1:176275000 01h:00m
ZeRoX_020 STEAM_1:1:594080213 Permanent
Stew STEAM_1:0:92307569 01h:00m
H!KKy STEAM_1:1:442902994 01h:00m
NAver dZ STEAM_1:0:464767443 01h:00m
(1)123 STEAM_1:1:454505399 01h:00m
Go ride or die STEAM_1:0:143849516 01h:00m
Stew STEAM_1:0:92307569 01h:00m
SeTh STEAM_1:0:546450469 01h:00m
Dec. 3, 2020

Store for the AWP server

AWP Server:

  • Added a !store.
  • Players can now purchase VIP from within the game with credits!
  • Right now there is only an offer for one day VIP at 500 credits, for testing measures.
  • Credits are earned by playing on the server and killing.
  • Each kill is 2 credits.
  • If you have suggestions of items you'd like to add to the store, please leave them in #💡-suggestions .
  • IMPORTANT: Buying VIP on the AWP Server will give you VIP on ALL Servers.

Retakes Server:

  • Added better advetisements.
  • Added link to website in scoreboard